Public Supply | Writing Materials with a Mission

With school budgets being slashed and standardized testing becoming a leading voice for allocated funds, Arts Education is having a tougher and tougher time getting support and resources. While many have rallied around the Arts, it’s nice to find new ways to help (and it’s even better when you have something beautiful to show for it.) Enter: Public Supply.

The Brooklyn-based company is on a mission to help back creative work in our country’s public schools by providing materials where they’re needed and inspire a creative community. They have created stunning limited-edition writing, art, and office essentials that not only look beautiful, but generate funds that go to a teacher in a high-need classroom. These teachers are then equipped to support their students for a project that drives creativity. They also do a lot of community outreach to keep the dialogue going about why Arts Education is so important.

When you make a purchase from Public Supply, each item is custom-stamped so that you can track the classroom and project that you helped fund. They also post correspondence from teachers so you can feel a real connection how your purchase has helped.

To learn more, visit their website: or follow them on Twitter: @publicsupply